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10 June 2010 @ 06:25 pm
Fanfic: A Surprise Twist (1/?)  
Title: A Surprise Twist
Author: princesspolaris
Characters: Will and New Directions
Rating: G
Summary: What happens when Will receives an important letter at the start of the new school year that could possibly change everything involving New Directions? Based on an idea I had for a plot twist to start the second season
Spoilers: Some of 1x22 "Journey"
Disclaimer: I do not own Glee

A new school year at McKinley High, another chance for New Directions to prove themselves. Not only had the glee club failed to beat Vocal Adrenaline at the regional championships, but they had finished in third place behind a group from Indiana that the kids felt they could easily have beat. Who could have guessed that Sue Sylvester of all people would lobby to give glee another year? It was time to regroup, re-focus and start working towards the next competition.

Unless something weird were to happen that would allow the McKinley group to attend nationals.

Will Schuester entered the administration area, punched in and headed to the faculty lounge where the staff mailboxes were, just to see if he had any mail. Looking up and down the rows of boxes, he saw a small stack of mail in his box and pulled it out, heading back out into the hallway toward the choir room and the safety of his office before classes were scheduled to begin.
He was glad to be back in familiar territory after a long summer break as he unlocked the door to the room, stepped inside and flipped on the light. Everything was still the way he left it before the school year ended - the instruments in their proper places, the sectionals trophy gleaming in a corner of the room, and even the regionals support poster still hanging on the wall beside the other entrance. Will crossed the room over to the office and walked in, setting the stack of mail on the desk.

After spending some time decorating the small office with assorted posters and knick-knacks, he sat down at the desk and went through the mail that was still sitting there. He looked at the top envelope with interest, the logo of the Ohio state show choir board in the upper left corner and his name and the address of the school printed on the envelope's middle. Curious, Will opened the envelope and pulled out an official-looking letter. As he scanned it, his eyes grew wide as to what the letter detailed.

Mr. William Schuester:

It is my personal duty to inform you that we have reviewed the results of the 2010 Midwest Regional Championships and the status involving your group, New Directions, in that competition has changed.

Upon further review of the regional competition, the championship team Vocal Adrenaline from Akron as well as the second-place team Aural Intensity from Fort Wayne, Indiana have been found in violation of the rules stated in both the Ohio and Indiana state high school show choir rulebooks.

Rule 98, Addendum 3 states that all performing students may not have their feet higher than 6 inches off the performing area and that for safety reasons, acrobatic and/or gymnastic stunts cannot be contained in the group's choreography. Vocal Adrenaline had several of these stunts in their performance.

Rule 12 states that when the competition is being judged by a celebrity, the competing group cannot perform any song that has been produced, written and/or performed by that celebrity. In which case, Aural Intensity did a mash-up of two songs previously performed by two of the judges in attendance, Mr. Josh Groban and Ms. Olivia Newton-John.

Due to these violations, Vocal Adrenaline and Aural Intensity have both been disqualified, their placements forfeited and put on suspension for the school year. The coaches of both groups affected as well as the Indiana state board have been notified.

Therefore, on behalf of the Ohio state show choir association, it is my honor to officially name New Directions the 2010 Midwest regional champions. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or concerns.

Mr. James Everett
President, Ohio State Show Choir Association

Will scanned the letter a second time just to be sure, then looked over video footage of Vocal Adrenaline's performance on his laptop, a performance he had not seen since he was at the hospital with the rest of the group while Quinn was giving birth to her baby. Sure enough, he counted at least a dozen acrobatic tricks in their number. What if somebody had gotten hurt? And he completely understood Aural Intensity's rule violation because Josh and Olivia were among the judges and the group had indeed performed a mash-up of two of their songs.

It finally hit him. They were regional champions.

Now how was he going to tell the kids?

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